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Add Elegance to Your Events

Onyx L.E.D Floor will set to revolutionize social events in the corporate, private, and public spheres of the city. From graduation celebration and private parties to corporate events, the ultimate goal of Onyx L.E.D Floor is to add value and innovation to people's events. Onyx L.E.D Floor is an idea that will make your party shine and stand out against all others. We are now championing the brand as the most creative and exclusive Dance Floor in the country. -Onyx L.E.D Floor is local business.


Your birthday with maximum energy and extra joy. A dance floor Onyx L.E.D Floor values your party, with sophistication to the environment and an irresistible invitation to dance!



A wedding is one of the most special moments in your life. Make of this unique day an unforgettable and outstanding experience with the most sophisticated dance floor in the world. The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever.



Celebrate with your family and friends the New Year's Eve in a high style. Nothing is better to start your new year in an exclusive and luxurious way, to make the first day of the year the best of many that will come.



The Graduation is a new beginning in your life. Let's celebrate this new adventure in an outstanding way with your friends and family with Onyx L.E.D Floor.



The most successful event is the one that achieves your goals and exceeds your expectations. Impress positively on your customers and business partners and make your brand shine with Onyx L.E.D Floor



Celebrate your seasonal event in an outstanding & unique way. Take your event to the next level with the versatile Onyx LED Floor, Choose the configuration, design & colours, we will do the rest. Enjoyment guaranteed.



"Introducing a new era of dance floor - The ONYX LED Floor"


"If you're going for the 'wow factor' you need the Onyx LED floor at your event!"

ABOUT Onyx LED Floor

Onyx L.E.D Floor is set to revolutionize social events in the corporate, private and public spheres in Vancouver. From graduation celebrations and private parties to corporate events, the ultimate goal of Onyx L.E.D Floor is to add value and innovation. Onyx L.E.D Floor will make your party shine and standout amongst all others. The Onyx LED Floor is the most creative and exclusive dance floor in the country. Onyx L.E.D Floor is also a local Vancouver business.


We transform ordinary spaces and events into extraordinary, outstanding and memorable events.


Our vision extends to a three-years goal, where we set precedence on L.E.D Floor business through the excellence of our services offered, and gain national recognition through the innovation and technology of Onyx L.E.D Floor.


Our approach to clients, employees and equipment supplier. We are ethical, safe, responsible, professional while providing a quality product. Your satisfaction is guaranteed whether it be a birthday party, wedding, prom or corporate event. We are a family business that works with punctuality, commitment & loyalty to our clients. One of the strongest and differential competitive advantages that Onyx L.E.D Floor offers, is the deep infinity illusion that the floor creates. This lighting effect makes for an irresistible invitation to dance - a magical and exciting element at any event.

The Onyx LED Infinity floor is:

  •   Amazing
  •   Luxurious
  •   Memorable
  •   Exciting
  •   Eye-catching
  •   Elegant
  •   Adaptable
  •   Scalable
  •   Unique

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If you want the WOW factor at an event, you need the Onyx LED dance floor! The music portion of any event is so incredibly important so why not set it up as best you can for success? Set up the Onyx LED floor as a square, rectangle, runway, cocktail bar or DJ booth! Many different styles of settings and colours to suit any type of ambiance you want. Whether it be a cocktail/mingling party or DANCE PARTY!! Visit her site
DJ Pri (aka Moto G Pri)

DJ Pri (aka Moto G Pri)

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