The Infinity LED Floor & LED Bar were designed and produced by our team in Vancouver. We used the best suppliers in town for the materials in order to offer a quality product. It is the most exquisite dance floor & LED Bar in the country! The LED dance floor creates a 4 feet deep infinity illusion, which gives the “WOW” effect.

Comprised of several panels, each panel measures 1 meter by 1 meter (3.28-foot x 3.28-foot), the biggest L.E.D panel in the market to achieve the most elegant and clean look of an LED Dance Floor.

The dance floor can run several programs, configurations and change colors, making it very interactive during an event! It is fast set up, heel friendly, wheelchairs accessible, and environmentally friendly.

The LED Bar/ Dh booth has become the newest hit for DJs, Bartenders, and receptionists in the city! It combines a classic and modern chic look that suits any decor style. At the back it has the standard bar measurements, making the L.E.D Bar functional and more efficient for bartenders. Make sure you have this new hit at your event!

Why not take your party to the next level by checking out our availability for your event!

Add Elegance to Your Events

Onyx L.E.D Floor is set to revolutionize social events in the corporate, private, and public spheres of the city. From graduation celebrations and private parties to corporate events, the ultimate goal of Onyx L.E.D Floor is to add value and innovation to people’s events. Onyx L.E.D Floor is an idea that will make your party shine and stand out against all others. We are now championing the brand as the most creative and exclusive dance floor & bar in the country. -Onyx L.E.D Floor is a local business.


We believe that memorable client experience is extremely important, and we make sure that each and everyone we serve gets the best experience using our Infinity L.E.D Floor and L.E.D Bar in their events.


Our vision extends to a three-years goal, where we set precedence on L.E.D Floor business through the excellence of our services offered, and gain national recognition through the innovation and technology of Onyx L.E.D Floor.


Our approach to clients is mainly focused on product quality and the greatest customer service. We are ethical, safe, responsible, professional while providing a quality product. Your satisfaction is guaranteed whether it be a birthday party, wedding, or corporate event. We are a family business that works with punctuality, commitment & loyalty to our clients. One of the strongest and differential competitive advantages that Onyx L.E.D Floor offers, is the deep infinity illusion that the floor creates and the unique design of our products which enhance any event decor. This lighting effect makes for an irresistible invitation to dance and enjoy the event at the most – a magical and exciting element at any event. Lastly, we design and manufacture our products locally to maintain quality and exclusivity plus it is a way to give back to the community

The Onyx L.E.D Floor is:

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